ZENA Launches Wellness Genie App for Women

Bengaluru. Women are the ones who always try to find health and wellness related answers for themselves and their family members. So most women appreciate the platform for being completely dedicated to them and their wellness needs. They love it for being something that is for them, when they spend a majority of their time caring and sacrificing for their families.

Zena a wellness genie, who is a friend for life, who strings together a wellness ecosystem for women. A woman who gets on the app can start personalizing it from the get-go. They will get information about various topics like fitness, diet, conditioning, managing a fitness routine with a particular ailment (like Yoga for women with PCOS) and more.

Zena provides an ecosystem where everything is at a woman’s fingertips, is just what’s needed in a world full of chaos and clutter

Zena has a community platform available for women to talk to other women and experts on all aspects of wellness like fitness, home remedies, beauty, sex, health concerns etc are few to name. A place to consult experts, keep track of their medication, menstrual cycle, and health records and more. 

Its aim is to help create a shift in lifestyle for the people Zena reaches out, to by exploring all aspects of wellness including fitness, diet, mental, physical and emotional health easily and conveniently.

Zena App is available on both iOS & Android platforms. Menstrual tracker is the most tested feature and one that had the most requests for updates. It is one of the most popular features of on the app since inception (45% of our users are using it as their primary tracker).

Women in smaller towns are more active on Zena App community. A large majority of the questions they get on the community are mental health based and anonymous, which reaffirmed our belief that Mental Health is one of the most ignored topics in people’s health and fitness routines.

Zena launched in December as a BETA version and are now 6 months old. Zena has been bootstrapped till now. It has grown faster every month and has been able to publish more than 1000 articles, establish more than 1100 experts, and draw a community of over 6,000 women in short period of time.

Vinod Kumar

Health Journalist & writer. Editor of monthly health magazine "Health Spectrum."

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