Sports Acupuncture Scores Points

holistic 1Sports Acupuncture has caught the attention of many sportspersons who have greatly benefitted from this therapy. Dr. Raman Kapur, a renowned Medical acupuncture specialist, practicing only Acupuncture in New Delhi since the last 32 years shares his experiences of treating some well known sportsmen with acupuncture
Use of Sports Acupuncture

Yuvraj Singh, well known player of Indian Cricket, came to Dr. Kapur in March, 2013, with a history of migraine headaches which he has had since 2007. He used to take frequent medications to get relief. The headaches were accompanied by blurring of vision and pain around his eye ball. His trigger would often be empty stomach, causing wind and then headaches. He has had problems of acidity, gas & wind since past 4 years. He also had a disturbed sleep pattern. He has had nasal allergies since young age accompanied with urticaria. Another problem which had taken a toll on his career was his severe left sided neck stiffness with pain radiating from his neck to his left shoulder and upper arm and his left upper back and left wrist. He also had recurrent episodes of low back pain radiating to his legs, causing him to often miss matches.
All these problems were treated concurrently by Dr. Raman Kapur with Acupuncture wherein he used a combination of Body acupuncture points and ear acupuncture points to great effect. Today, he is full recovered and fighting fit. To quote Yuvi“ The best part of this therapy is that it is a safe , drugless therapy without any side effects & I have made a significant recovery. I feel the therapy should be made more popular so that more sportspersons & cricketers can get benefitted from this therapy”.
Another famous polo player, Mr. Navin Khanna, took Acupuncture treatment for his recurrent tennis elbow and got fully cured by Dr. Raman kapur.

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