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I am pleased to present to you the second edition of Health Spectrum. The inaugural edition had a great and heartening feedback from different sections of readers as well as the medical community, and we got some collaboration suggestions some of which we accepted with pleasure.
As a fledgling health magazine in India, we want to be a platform to promote health awareness and offer an avenue for meaningful debates on challenges and problems in the healthcare sector. We also want to empower our readers to lead a happy, healthy and disease-free life. It goes without saying that there cannot be any substitute for a robust health, which is a prerequisite for both physical and mental well being. We have an unwavering goal to meet this objective through the magazine, which can be a trusted friend and counsellor in all aspects of their lives.
This edition puts spotlight on some of the day-to-day health challenges and problems and encourages us to reflect on how we treat the people (health providers) who take care of our health while we are at work. It also explores the causes of increasing incidents of attack on doctors. There are numerous cases of violence against healthcare professionals, and, at times, have resulted in deaths of doctors and nurses by patients’ relatives. A study by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) reveals that more than 75% of doctors across the country have faced at least some form of violence. Nearly 75% of doctors feel that they are unsafe in this country and they fear for their lives. This is a serious problem because as healthcare professionals, doctors should be able to invest their energy into saving lives of people, not their own.
In this issue, we also put focus on increasing road accidents and lack of an organised trauma system in India, which has the highest number of road accidents in the world. Every minute a life is lost in road accidents in our country but there is no systematic trauma care centre.
We have included articles on prevention and treatment of diseases like hypertension, Spontaneous Brain Haemorrhage, migraine, conjunctivitis, sleep apnea and Traumatic Brain Injury. The articles in this issue are all written by people who are engaged in providing healthcare to the public. They have freely shared their viewpoints with lots of gusto and passion. I encourage you to do the same. However, we want to clarify that Health Spectrum is a platform for different shades of opinions, and many writers may not may not be conducting clinical trials or research. As such, we do not confirm statements made by any author. The magazine insists that readers should consult a medical doctor prior to following any opinion or advice or using any product or service published in the magazine.
On that note, I invite you to explore this magazine. So please, sit back and dive into this issue’s selection of articles and discussions.
We will look forward to your suggestions and feedbacks for improving the magazine. After all, it is your magazine. We will surely publish the worthwhile comments from our readers.
With warmest thanks,

Vinod Kumar


Vinod Kumar

Health Journalist & writer. Editor of monthly health magazine "Health Spectrum."

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