Minimally invasive surgery helps change women’s life


MODEL RELEASED. Slipped disc microendoscopy surgery. Surgeon performing an operation on a herniated (slipped) intervertebral disc using microendoscopic discectomy (MED) tools. A slipped disc is where an intervertebral disc between two of the vertebrae in
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Easy, fast, painless:Minimally invasive surgery helps change women’s life 

If you are a women, have been suffering from abdominal pain, heavy period and also incapable to get pregnant then the chances are more that you are suffering from fibroids.  Informs Dr Nikita Trehan, Gynecologist & Lap. Surgeon, Sunrise Hospitals, New Delhi, “Women continue to suffer in silence and for them family’s health well being is always a priority. They deliberately refrain from consulting a doctor thinking that a surgery to get rid of fibroids will stop her in carrying out her daily chores.” True they are in their thoughts but time and changed and the advent of laprascopic surgery has come as a boon. Most of them can really undergo the surgery and can give quality time to their family in the festivity season.

Informs Dr Nikita Trehan, “Laprascopic surgery for the treatment of fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS and other ailments is now so simple, quick and less-scary. Women need no longer worry that they “don’t have the time”. Also called Minimally Invasive Surgery, it is a convenient day-care option with many advantages over conventional “open surgery”. In many cases, a woman may be admitted in the morning and walk out in the evening. Others may go home within 24 hours.”

Apart from lower costs — due to minimal hospital stay— laparoscopic surgery has other benefits: negligible chances of contracting infections so likely in extended hospital stays; only a day or two lost at work; minimal bleeding and minimal post-operative pain or discomfort since the incisions are around 1 to 2 cm only; and limited scars which are usually not obvious or visible.

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