Orthopaedic experts to draft consensus guideline to improve the trauma care

More efficient and easily available Trauma Care to save lives
Orthopaedic specialists assemble in Delhi to discuss ways to improve treatment systems for the injured
New Delhi, July 08: Recognising accidents as a major health problem, Delhi Orthopaedic Association (DOA) today organised a day-long conference here in which orthopaedic experts from all over the country participated to hammer out a unanimous guideline for providing better treatment and care of the people who suffer injuries in mishaps and thus save thousands of lives every year.

Medical experts from all over the country today assembled in the national capital to participate in the Delhi Orthopaedic Association (DOA)-organised Midcon 2018 and deliberated on chalking out a unanimous guideline for improving the existing treatment systems for the people who suffer injuries in mishaps and thus save thousands of lives every year.

Trauma, the most neglected disease of modern developing nations, claimed one live in India every 2 minutes.
According to a report by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, more than 1.5 lakhs per year which means that 17 people are dying every hour. Another 5 lakhs are injured severely, in road crashes.

The number of people killed in road accidents in India issecond highest globally, which is road crashes account for more than 44% of all un-natural accidental deaths in India and 51% of all those killed between the ages of 18 and 30. All Trauma is not Road Traffic Injuries. According to Indian Society For Trauma And Acute Care (ISTAC), 22.8% of all trauma is transport related injuries. Majority 77.2% is another trauma like – falls (pediatric age group), agriculturally related trauma, fire arms, intentional self-harm, assault, fall of objects, burns, drowning, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks.

“An attempt to measure catastrophic levels of health expenditure on accidental injuries, road traffic accidents, and falls, finds that the burden of out-of-pocket expenditure is the highest for such injuries. The financial burden is unusually high for poorer households in rural areas, and those seeking treatment at private health facilities with no health insurance. Public health facilities for trauma care and health coverage for low-income groups could help these vulnerable households,” said Dr. Raju Vaishya, scientific chairman of the MIDCON, 2018.

According to Professor Ramesh Kumar (President, DOA), the theme of the conference is “Prevention of complications in trauma care.” The conference covered the management of fractures of all parts of the body, with nine sessions of one hour each per segment. The faculty includes experts from the UK, from all parts of the country and local experts from Delhi. Over 250 surgeons have attended the conference from Delhi and other parts of India. A poster competition for the members of Delhi Orthopaedic Association and a PG quiz for postgraduate students attending the conference were also organised. A. The philosophy of the conference is based on the theme of IOA President: ‘Train the young, to enrich the future.’

Dr. Lalit Maini, secretary of DOA, said that for the first time, Delhi Orthopedic Association has also brought in the social direction in the conference, by promoting the idea of ‘No to Plastic”. Hence, during this conference, the writing pen and delegate bags used are eco-friendly and carry forward the message of ‘say no to plastic”. During the conference a questionnaire based Survey on Hip Fractures which was filled up by each surgeon attending. The data coming out of this survey would be analyzed and brought out as a consensus guideline white paper in the coming months. It would help improve the trauma care in our population.

Vinod Kumar

Health Journalist & writer. Editor of monthly health magazine "Health Spectrum."

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