Things You Should Know Before Having Laser Hair Removal : Dr. Vijayalakshmi Sujay

Ladies are never happy with obvious unwanted hair in exposed parts. With the dressing trends changing and becoming more casual, the hair which was considered hidden is also at the risk of being visible. Men who were considered as not being bothered with body hair have started identifying men who have less of body hair as being more sophisticated. These changing trends have led to fast advances in the methods used for hair removal.

The need of the hour was to evolve to a method which yields permanent results. It should not cause any skin or any other tissue damage in the process of removing unwanted hair. It had to be less messy and should not be painful.

Laser was being used for medical reasons in varied indications and the modality fitted the bill best for hair removal method catering to all the felt needs of an evolved method of hair removal.

Laser is light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. It emits light which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and the hair is burnt. The best action is seen on pigmented hairs and also on an actively growing hair.

At any given point of time we have to remember that in a given surface area of the skin there is hair at different stages of growth and also individuals have different skin types. So there is a need to do the procedure every 4-6 weeks for 5-7 sessions before the results of the procedure are seen. The hair thins out over sessions and the effect of the procedure is better and faster. The hair is grossly thinned and reduced; naming the procedure aptly as ‘permanent hair reduction’ though the terminology ‘permanent hair removal’ is boastfully used. This hair growth reduction is long lasting sometimes requiring top up sessions intermittently.

It may be interesting to learn how this laser modality works for hair reduction. Repeated laser pulses target existing hair follicle creating a direction of energy into the hair follicles that prevent future growth. The modality is successful if the same delivery equipment has the ability to cater to all skin and hair types like the Light sheer laser system does. The technology provided by light sheer also provides for maximum laser absorption into hair follicles and fast coverage of large areas minimising the sensation of heat. The technology of Light sheer also provides for a cooling system which momentarily numbs the skin lessening the discomfort of heat.

Light sheers is a better system when compared to other lasers, which work on Nd: YAG or IPL. Diode lasers are less time consuming and deliver better results. Advantage of this diode system is that it works for finer hair as well, unlike other lasers.

Since the light acts on the pigment of hair follicle it may be not be a good idea to bleach or wax before the procedure. Shaving immediately after laser therapy can also damage the inflamed skin and so it is better done after at least a day. Cooling the area with cool packs and applying moisturisers helps in reducing the skin inflammation faster.

The knowledge of the Dermatologist and the ability of the technician to pick up the nuances of laser delivery has a definite impact on the end result. Pre-procedure understanding of the skin type and acknowledging any co-morbid condition which could influence the end result helps in having a satisfied Dermatologist and a happy client.

The Dermatologist’s anticipation of a possible paradoxical hair growth and keeping the client counselled about the same minimises the chances of incomplete treatments, preventing loss of time and money to all those involved.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Sujay (MBBS, DDVL) is a famous Dermatologist, Cosmetologist in Bangalore



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