Indian Orthopaedic surgeons created a record in publishing scientific research papers

New Delhi. India doctors and medical experts usually lag behind their Western counterparts in medical research and research paper publications in national and international scientific journals, but a team of Indian orthopaedic surgeons from the national capital has created a record in this field.““A team of doctors, led by Prof. (Dr.) Raju Vaishya, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals  has achieved the credit to set a record in the largest published series in India. Other members of the team are Dr. Vikas Birla, Dr Amit Agarwal,  Dr. Harsh Singh, Dr. Virender Kumar, Dr. Vipul Vijay and Dr. David Wamae. Team leader Dr (Prof) Vaishya has been awarded by Delhi Orthopedic Association and Apollo Group of Hospitals for the best paper publications, three and six times respectively, so far.““This team has recorded 56 scientific research papers published in peer-reviewed and indexed International and National Journals in a year (2015).

This is the highest number achieved by any medical doctor in India till date in one year.““In the research work, these scientific papers published in 2015 were in the top medical journals from several countries across the world. This team had written a total of 68 papers in 2015, out of which 56 have already been published and 12 are in review process which, he hopes, will be shortly published. Journals include British Medical Journal, Journal Arthroplasty, Apollo Medicine, Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal, Journal Clinical Ortho Trauma,  JOS (Hong Kong), Bone J Journal, Cureus, Chinese Journal of Traumatoogy, Acta OrthopBelgica, Annals Journal & Bulletin Journal,  J Medical Thesis and European J General Med.““The papers were submitted to journals of various countries like USA and Europe (32), which are often considered ‘difficult’. The other journals were of India (28), Asia (7), and Oceania (1).““These papers were published in various specialties of Orthopaedics such as 18 in arthroplasty, 10 in tumor, 7 each in arthroscopy and fracture, six in congenital/developmental/genetic and five related to infections. These publications were based on original research (15), case reports (37), letter to editor (9), review article (5) and abstracts (2).““Commenting on this achievement Dr. Raju Vaishya said research and publications until recently had plagued Indian doctors and were mainly considered to be the ‘job’ of US and European based scientists and medical professional. But, the last 2 decades have seen a sudden increase in the interest in research and publications amongst doctors from India and China. This is perhaps due to easy access to required information on internet and vast amount of clinical material available in these countries. Writing is an art which needs to be mastered and if done passionately, ease out the burden of making medical manuscripts for the journal adds Prof Raju Vaishya. Both, research and publication is a collective team effort and hence the other team members must be kept motivated for it““Dr Vaishya is one of the editors of Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and Trauma and has been an Editorial Board member of Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, Apollo Medicine, World Journal of Orthopaedics and other journals with high impact factors from around the globe.

Vinod Kumar

Health Journalist & writer. Editor of monthly health magazine "Health Spectrum."

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