Honeymoon Essentials: by Dr. Blossom Kochhar

honeymoon-2It is often said that romance and festivities are interlinked and there is no better time than Festivals and weddings to woo your heartthrob . This year we recommend you try a dash of aroma to enhance your love life and see the difference !!!!
It has long been known that aromas can lend to enhancing the senses. Each oil has a therapeutic property to balance, relax, enhance, and aid in creating a more satisfying love life.
Most of these oils can be applied directly on the skin, as well as taken internally. The most common and easiest way is of course , through the sense of smell. Our sense of smell is more powerful than we give it credit for; it affects our emotions and physical wellbeing. Particular smells and odours can elicit old feelings and memories…some good and some not so well. Essential oils can work with us at an energetic level, impacting us emotionally and spiritually. Some essential oils can be uplifting, while others can have more of a relaxing effect. And there are essential oils that can be stimulating or even have aphrodisiac properties.

Sandalwood oil contains a sweet woody aroma which has both sensual as well as meditative properties. It is specifically recommended as a fragrance for men. It can be blended with other oils such as basil, lavender ,rose etc. Use of Sandalwood essential oil elevates the level of physical intimacy. It’s rich, sweet, warm, and woody aroma is enticing, erotic and soothing, making it an excellent, exotic gift for your spouse!

Chocolate Essential Oil for Love
The ancient Maya believed that money really did grow on trees; cacao trees, that is. The cacao tree takes its name from the Mayan word kakaw and it is native to South and Central America ;the seed of the cacao tree are used to make theobroma oil (theobroma cacao) or, as it is more commonly known, cocoa butter.
The Maya people traded the prized cacao bean throughout their empire and used it as a form of currency. They were the first to produce hot chocolate which was used in many events of their lives from births to marriages to death.
Cacao was first cultivated to make cocoa butter in 1695 by the Europeans, when the Spanish “discovered” the Americas and exported it back to Europe. It was an Englishman by the name of Joseph Fry who, in 1847, invented the first form of solid chocolate as we know it today.
Cacao has long been thought of as a natural medicine; its diverse therapeutic qualities of the plant include a decrease in depression; an increase in general health; a lessening of stress; and enhancements in pleasure, including sex. Chocolate is said to produce the euphoric feelings so chocolate combined with aromatherapy is the ultimate indulgence!
Cacao absolute is made from the cacao beans of the cacao tree; it has a rich, dark chocolate aroma. With the incredible aroma of the finest chocolate, this dark exquisite Cacao seed absolute makes a highly intriguing and delightful scent. Use Cacao absolute with confidence as a rich middle note in all of your love potions. Sensual, heady, and delicious while adding a hint of intrigue; cacao is an excellent ingredient in erotic formulations.
The main use of cacao absolute is in the perfumery industry as oppose to therapeutic aromatherapy practice – but that does not mean that you cannot seduce your true love with some chocolate aromatherapy this wedding season!

Cumin Oil
Cumin oil has profound advantages for both women and men. However, it is not very famous for its aphrodisiacal properties. Cumin oil is said to improve fertility in women. In men, cumin oil brings out intense feelings of attraction and stimulates sensual mood.

Romantic Rose Essential Oil
One of the most expensive essential oils, Rose is considered to be the “queen of flowers”. A favourite flower for brides, it is a traditional symbol of love. Rose was prized by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, both in love and skincare products. Cleopatra of Egypt and Josephine Bonaparte of France are just two historical figures who were known to use rose, in one form or another, to seduce lovers. It is said that when the Mughal Emperor Jehangir married the Princess Noor Jehan, a canal encircling the gardens was filled with rose water.
Rose essential oil is base note oil, and consequently it is a heavy fragrance. Apart from its aphrodisiac properties it has many other uses. It assists in relieving premenstrual tension and is helpful during menopause. It eases depression and mental fatigue and rejuvenates tired muscles and decongests tissues. Combine rose essential oil in a massage lotion or oil or add a few drops to a romantic bath for a sensual delight .

Romantic Jasmine Essential Oil
Jasmine: Jasmine, whose name means heavenly felicity, has captured the imagination of poets and perfumers for thousands of years and has been described in the literature with more superlatives than any other single essence. If Rose is the oil of love Jasmine is certainly the oil of romance!
Long considered an aphrodisiac, jasmine has historically been associated with promoting intimacy, romance, transcending physical love, closeness and breaking down barriers to full expression of sexuality.
Jasmine’s anti-depressant properties and beautiful scent is an excellent tool in helping overcome a range of sexual problems which are in the head, rather than direct physiological problems of the reproductive systems.
Wear a garland of jasmine flowers in your hair to make your Day Special and see your love bloom .

Bridal Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to enhance your Love life
Ylang: Ylang is also an exotic essential oil – both in name and nature – used for love and romance. Originating in the Philippines, Ylang Ylang means “flower of flowers” or “fragrance of all fragrances.” This fragrance is traditionally used in aromatherapy to sharpen the senses and to temper depression, fear, anger, and jealousy. For these reasons, and also because of its reputation as an aphrodisiac, the flowers are spread on the beds of the newly married in Indonesia.
Ylang: Ylang oil has historically been used as a tonic to help overcome sexual difficulties. However, this oil may cause headaches if you use too much of it.

Neroli Essential Oil for Weddings
Neroli, or orange blossom, also has associations with love. Victorian brides wore a sprig of neroli in their head dress and carried neroli in the bridal bouquet in an attempt to calm nerves and stimulate romance on the wedding night! Neroli essential oil is often adulterated so be sure to choose pure neroli oil for true aphrodisiac effects.
So , go ahead and seduce your true love with some aromatherapy this festive season , its easy and fun and therapeutic as well !!!


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