Homosexual behaviors are normal and natural : Psychologists

Dr. Sunil Mittal, Director of CIMBS (Cosmos Institute of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences) & Delhi Psychiatry Centre (DPC) said that research has found no inherent association between homosexual orientations and psychopathology. Despite the persistence of stereotypes that portray lesbian, gay and bisexual people as disturbed, several decades of research and clinical experience have led all mainstream medical and mental health organizations to conclude that these orientations represent normal forms of human experience and bonding. Therefore, mainstream organizations such as the America Psychiatric Association, long ago abandoned classifications of homosexuality as a mental disorder.”

Dr Mittal added, “A cause of concern is that this law criminalizes oral and anal sex between heterosexual couples as well. Though such an event will be difficult to establish, it questions the limits of how far are we willing to go in placing checks on all sexual interactions which are against the so called order of nature. Another crucial question is how test tube babies and surrogate mothers could be seen in the understood meaning of the order of nature.”

Dr. Sunil Mittal remarks, “The problem with Section 377 is one of definition. The phrase “order of nature” has largely attained a traditional and patriarchal meaning as understood by the society. One of the arguments is that a human being’s anatomy “naturally” permits intercourse through means other than vaginal penetration and thus, those means could be interpreted as being “the order of nature” too.”

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Vinod Kumar

Health Journalist & writer. Editor of monthly health magazine "Health Spectrum."

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