Holistic Medicine in Organ Failure

Colonel B. K. Chathli

Holistic Medicine is found to be very effective in the treatment of Organ Failure. 

Our country recently launched a very important ORGAN DONATION and TRANSPLANT programme on national level under the aegis of the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. It estimates insurmountable need for 100,000 Cornea; 250,000 kidney; 80,000 liver and 50,000 heart transplants, respectively, in the country every year.
Whereas the ground reality is that there is an ever increasing backlog of blindness in the world due to Cataract which can be corrected by a 5-minute simple surgical procedure costing merely a few hundred rupees. On the Cornea front, the largest eye bank in Asia at LV Prasad Eye Institute of Hyderabad’s Ramayamma International Eye Bank leads the record in whole world to have so far achieved in 25 years to harvest over 36,000 donor corneas, and transplanted a mere 20,000 of them to needy patients. To read or download Emagazine on Holistic Medicine in Organ Failure, please click Here

The projected need of 250,000 such transplants every year appears utopian when the Indian transplant registry reveals the total number of kidney transplants carried out in our country in last 25 years (1991 to 2015) till date is just 20,952. No figures are available on actual number of liver or heart transplants, etc., from the registry.
Even in the USA, where 800,000 people suffer from NYHA Class IV advance heart failure, only 2000 transplants could be conducted in the whole country last year, which is out of the figure of 3500 heart transplants carried out in the whole world.
We should take appropriate stock of limitations of the scope of any such programme based exclusively on modern sophisticated medical care and surgery, simply for lack of its accessibility, availability and affordability. We have to seriously think right at this stage the challenges of this very important national organ and tissue transplant campaign. In comparison, we appear to be far more realistic in our aspiration to reach the mars, even though at the expense of hunger, backwardness, illiteracy and poor health in the country. Let’s be closer to ground and better prepared in projecting a huge and very noble programme, lest it meet the fate of WHO-UNICEF global programme “Health For All By 2000 A.D.”
Dr. R. K.Tuli, the global leading figure in promoting all inclusive and comprehensive approach to health states, “If we were to learn a lesson and be wise, we should concurrently expand our vision and be guided by the prime minister’s SKILL INDIA dream, to complement conventional medical care with the easily accessible simple potential of the all inclusive integrated drug-free modalities of traditional systems of health, termed Holistic Medicare. It’s been found to be very efficient to arrest and help in reversal of the damage to sick organs. Therefore, we must tap its potential for rejuvenation of sick organs and reduce the gap in need of essential transplants. We may have limited example of its scope at this stage, but it has the potential of a “eureka” possibility through large scale scientific studies to make a unique global beginning.”
Dr. Deepak Chandra of Kanpur shares, “I’ve been given a SECOND LIFE by Holistic Medicine therapy! In the year 1998, I had slipped into Hepatic Coma & Total Renal Shut Down following Chronic Progressive Multi-Virus Hepatitis. The attending specialists at AIIMS gave up on me and I was discharged from the ICU! At this critical stage my family sought the services of Dr. R.K. Tuli, the renowned Holistic Physician. Due to his sincere and vigorous support I gradually improved in my health and finally regained normal kidney and liver functions. What’s amazing is that the universally incurable Hepatitis ‘C’ & ‘E’ antigens and the entire virus load was eliminated from my body. After about one year of Holistic Medicine therapy, my health bounced back to be better than in previous ten years. I was able to resume my medical practice which was shut down due to my sickness. I find myself fully healthy and all my medical parameters have continuously maintained within normal limits ever since.”
Manoj Sohi from Haridwar writes, “I had been suffering from uncontrolled blood pressure leading to kidney problem (HTN + CKD – ESRD + Renal Lithiasis + Anemia) with poor health, from last one year. The doctors told me for Dialysis and advised Kidney Transplant in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. But, since I came to Dr. Tuli, it was a great experience. My mental, physical and emotional health started improving immediately, the blood pressure was controlled, and by 3-4 months of treatment at this “SOHAM” Clinic, my water retention is all gone, my hemoglobin has improved from 7.2 to 12.0 gms%, as the kidney functions have improved a lot. I feel proud to share that my total health has improved from a grade of 2/10 to 10/10, now. Dr. Tuli is a God for me.”
Dr. Tuli highlights that it’s a highly reproducible phenomenon, as elucidated and endorsed by other beneficiaries of this therapy, thus qualifying need for its scientific validation. The management of each patient has been much simpler, easier, healthier, at a fraction of cost, and displays certainly far superior and lasting results restoring highest ‘quality of life’ compared to progressive morbidity and eventual mortality in conventional medical management.
The decorated veteran Colonel B.K. Chathli of Greater NOIDA likes to share, “In the year 2004, I was diagnosed to suffer from Ch. Renal Failure-ESRD. In 2005, I was started on dialysis three times in a week. Doctors told my daughter that I need Kidney Transplant. But, her boss Ms. Prema Sagar recommended that I consult Dr. Tuli at the “SOHAM” clinic. With great suspicion and reservation, making sure that the holistic therapy in no way interfered with my ongoing medical treatment, I started it here. Today, 11 years later and at the age of 76 years, as I visit this clinic for my wife’s treatment, I feel proud in writing that with his ‘HEALING TOUCH’ I had got fully CURED in nearly four months. Annual medical check-up confirm that both my kidneys have remained fully functional, and I’ve What is Holistic Medicine
Holistic Medicine = Modern + Traditional Medicine
(Alternate = Traditional + NewAge)
[Conservative Medicine + Life-Style & Stress Management + Ashtanga Yoga + Acupuncture-Reflexology + Panchakarma-Detoxification + Counseling-Hypnotherapy- PLRT-NLP + Reiki-Pranic Healing-Chakra Balancing + Regenerative Medicine]lived my life fully ever since. I pray to God for Dr. Tuli’s greater success to cure others like me.”

What’s Holistic Medicine?
Holistic Medicine is the wholesome approach to Health where each individual is treated as a whole ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’ by a synergy of the evidence based ‘science’ of modern medicine with the complementary and highly reproducible time honoured ‘art’ of drug-free modalities of the various officially recognised traditional systems of health to restore the disturbed ‘internal milieu’ of the individual to initiate one’s own natural inherent infinite healing that leads to elimination of all sickness and to restore positive health and total wellness : Dr. R. K. Tuli

“Holistic Medicine is SURELY the highest form of Healing. Dr. Tulis’ team is really aiding the Divine Healer and in the process motivating their patients in the right direction.” : Dr. (Prof) Kusum Sahgal Fmr. Professor, Director & Principal, Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi
“I’m grateful to Dr. Tuli to help me get over drug-resistant and persistent numbness in my fingers and problems with my shoulder due to Cervical Spondylosis-Radiculopathy and Peri-Arthritis Shoulder. The treatment sessions helped me to relax, tensions were gone and I felt rejuvenated. This therapy, also, helped my husband suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. I hope this treatment will become available to more people in our country.” : Margaret Alva, Fmr. Union Minister Govt. Of India and Governor of Uttarakhand & Rajasthan
“I had brought my wife Veena Gupta after I was fed up with allopathic treatments as in spite of best she continued to suffer from multiple problems of Mental Depression-OCD; Hypothyroidism; Fibromyalgia; Obesity; Cervical Spondylosis + Vertigo with Osteoarthritis of Knees & Ankles + Restless Legs and APD-GERD + Fatty Liver, etc. After drug-free Holistic Medicine therapy at “SOHAM” just over the last two months, I am THRILLED with the improvement and shall continue with it till she is in absolute Positive Health. I wish more people take advantage of this treatment pioneered by Dr. Tuli. My Good Wishes and Blessings.” : Dr. A. K. Gupta, Fmr. Dean, Maulana Azad Medical College & World Bank Technical Expert



Dr. Deepak Chandra is the 1964 batch alumnus of Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. He is the most popular Family Physician in Kanpur. His Clinic was shut down for three years during his sickness, but it bounced back to its old glory as soon as he resumed it in year 1998, after regaining his health. He enjoys his wellness to live life fully so many years after recovery, certainly better than any Liver Transplant recipient anywhere in the world! CELEBRATING his 70th Birthday with the Blessed Family


Colonel B. K. Chathli joined 31st Course of Indian Military Academy in the year 1963, and was commissioned into the premium GORKHA RIFLES. He rendered exemplary service in both the 1965 & 1971 wars, and always volunteered to serve upfront in the most challenging terrains throughout his career to earn highest service accolades and respect from all. Having recovered his health fully, at the age of 73 years, he continues to serve the society with equal zeal in various capacities.

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest factor in getting well.” : Hippocrates

“Holistic Medicare facilitates this very force in getting well from any sickness.” : Dr. R. K. Tuli

Dr. R. K. Tuli

The all inclusive and integrative approach to health termed Holistic MediCare, available at the unique Dr. Tuli’s Clinic helps to extend the best of each system of medicine, at the same time overcome inherent deficiencies in the respective systems, to offer a ‘synergy’ of all of them to ensure ‘Health For All’ at all ages of life, and all stages of every sickness. This latest speciality of medicine is called Holistic Medicine. It’s a board certified specialty in the U.S. for nearly two decades, and is catching up very fast amongst all the developed nations. Therefore, it’s high time that we adopt it into our health care and make our living years happy and productive.

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