It’s the Era of Holistic Medicare : Dr. R. K. Tuli

Holistic Medicine is the wholesome appholistic 2roach to Health by a synergy of evidence based ‘science’ of modern medicine with the time honoured ‘art’ of drug-free modalities of all the officially recognised traditional systems for promotion of Positive Health and Total Wellness ‘Body-Mind- Soul. Well known Holistic Medicine Expert Dr. R. K. Tuli says that all wise people think, talk and wish to practice Holistic Medicine these days.

It’s the Era of  Holistic Medicare : Dr. R. K. Tuli

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Why Holistic Medicine?

It’s been universally recognised that it would never be possible to meet all the health expectations of the humanity with the conventional model of healthcare based exclusively on the modern allopathy system of medicine. Therefore, the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) recommended and our National Health Policy has promulgated integration of all the recognised systems of medicine.

It calls for us to grow beyond inherent restrictions of the so called evidence based ‘science’ of modern technology. An ever increasing number of people wish to explore benefits of the ‘art’ of time honoured officially recognised traditional or alternate systems of health which have a proven record having helped the humanity over thousands of years.

The  good news is that we, now, have very rich expertise available to complement the best of drug-based specialities of medicine with various drug-free modalities of recognised systems of health to ‘Eliminate all Sickness’ from its root cause and restore ‘Positive Health & Total Wellness ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’ in each individual.

This all inclusive complementary approach to health helps to extend the best of each system of medicine, at the same time overcome inherent deficiencies in the respective systems, to offer a ‘synergy’ of all of them to ensure ‘Health For All’ at all ages of life and all stages of sickness. This latest speciality of medicine is called Holistic Medicine. It’s a board certified specialty in the U.S. for nearly two decades, and is catching up very fast amongst the developed nations. Continuous Research & Development  by the profession shall help to improve scientific protocols. We must give top priority to adopt it into our main health care delivery system and make living years happy and productive for all.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic Medicine is the wholesome approach to Health by a synergy of evidence based ‘science’ of modern medicine with the time honoured ‘art’ of drug-free modalities of all the officially recognised traditional systems for promotion of Positive Health and Total Wellness ‘Body-Mind- Soul’, i.e.,

Holistic Medicine = Modern + Traditional + NewAge Medicine

[Conservative Medicine + Life-Style & Stress Management + Ashtanga Yoga + Nutrition +Acupuncture-Reflexology + Panchakarma-Detoxification + Physiotherapy + Counseling-Hypnotherapy + Reiki-Pranic Healing + Chakra Balancing + Regenerative Medicine]

This approach to health matches up to our Vedic concept that health is the greatest  wealth, and we need health whether to achieve personal, financial, spiritual growth, or even moksha. It’s guided by the ancient Charaka Samhita which states that life is the combination of the body, the senses, the mind and the ‘atma’; they cannot separated from each other, and from this integration ensues ‘ayush’.

What are the objectives of Holistic Medicine?

  1. To improve the health and add life to years of each individual.
  2. To complement All the Systems & Specialities of Medicine.
  3. To improve the Final Outcome of Every Sickness.
  4. To enable Permanent Cure in Maximum Patients.
  5. To overcome Iatrogenesis by Minimum Medical Interventions

What are the benefits of Holistic Medicine?

  1. It treats the human being as a whole ‘body, mind & soul’.
  2. It offers ‘synergy’ of all the drug-free modalities of recognised systems of Health.
  3. It’s equally beneficial at all the levels of health.
  4. It helps to take care of all the ailments of an individual concurrently as it follows the Hippocrates’ observation that “The  natural healing force within each of us is greatest force in getting well.”
  5. It’s drug-free therapy: No drugs, No interventions, No Dope, No Iatrogenesis; thereby ensuring the Hippocrates’ dictum, “Primum Non-Nocere”, i.e., First Do No Harm.
  6. It’s highly Efficient, as well as Cost & Time beneficial.
  7. It’s very simple and easily accessible; can be rendered anywhere & everywhere by skilled hands.
  8. It optimizes healthcare by complementing existing infrastructure at no extra cost.
  9. It tremendously enhances professional satisfaction and glory of the profession..

What are the diseases curable by Holistic Medicine?

The holistic approach to medicare works to restore ‘milieu interior’ of the individual to initiate one’s own inherent natural healing ever ready to initiate the process of recovery. It leads to eliminate the root cause of all diseases and help to restore positive health. It’ll, without any conflict, complement medical procedures to improve outcome in all emergency and acute conditions, and enhance efforts to cure all diseases of the person, that too concurrently. The brief indications may be as given below.

PAIN: Headache-Migraine, Arthralgia, Neuralgia, Neuropathy, Fibro-Myalgia, Trauma, Phantom, etc. om, etc

PALLIATIVE CARE: Incurable or Terminal Sickness, Cancer, etc.

PARALYSIS: Trauma, Polio, Stroke, etc.

STRESS / PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDERS: Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Neurosis, Psychosis, etc.

AUTOIMMUNE DISTURBANCES: Arthritis, Nephritis, Thyroiditis, Diabetes-Type-1, ILD, SLE, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.


DEGENERATIVE DISEASES: Arthritis, Spondylosis, Disc Disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

ATHEROSCLEROSIS: Hypertension, CAD, Post-PTCA or CABG, PVD, Gangrene, etc.

METABOLIC & HORMONAL DISORDERS: Obesity, Dyslipidemia, Gout, Diabetes & All Complications,  Menstrual Disturbances-PCOD, Infertility, Menopause & Andropause, SEXUAL Health: PME, ED, Frigidity, etc.



SPORTS MEDICINE & INJURIES: To improve & sustain performance, faster recovery and early rehabilitation.

Inherent Deficiencies Of Allopathic Medicine:

  1. It’s not easily acceptable, neither accessible to majority of people in the country, resulting in delays in commencement of appropriate treatment, leading to serious complications.
  2. It treats the human being as a mere physical being, with a specialist taking care of just a limited part of the body with ‘allo’, i.e., external medicinal or surgical interventions. Best of the support based on this limited concept comes with inevitable limitations, side-effects, cumulative toxicity and complications.
  3. By the time a disease is detectable by modern diagnostics, it’s invariably too late to reverse its basic cause and effect true cure.
  4. This system treats just ‘tip-of- the-iceberg’ symptoms of the disease, with rarely being able to take care of its underlying cause, leading to progressive deterioration  in health, onset of various side-effects, cumulative toxicity, complications, inevitable morbidity and mortality.
  5. It lacks care of mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the people.
  6. It does not address to the increasing incidence of diseases due to life-style and psychosomatic disorders; or to needs of the increasing population of the elderly from diseases related to process of aging.
  7. Also, it does not offer solution to changing pattern of communicable diseases, especially due to emerging viruses or immune disturbances.
  8. It’s based on high capital investment and expensive technology, making its cost beyond reach of most people. It’s estimated that nearly 4% of population in our country falls below poverty line annually due to exorbitant costs of medical treatment.
  9. According to official statistics, in spite of all the technological advances and availability of world class medical care in our country over the past three decades, the incidence of all common diseases has increased more than FOUR FOLD during the same period.
Dr. R. K. Tuli

Dr. Ravinder K. Tuli is a global pioneer in spearheading the clinical concept of Holistic Medicine. He is the founder of Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine “SOHAM”. He was invited to establish the world’s first-ever Department of Holistic Medicine at the state-of- the-art multispeciality tertiary care Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi in year 1996.

Dr. Ravi Tuli is a 1964 batch alumnus of the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. He has been medical adviser to Air Force Sports Control Board, as well as Indian Hockey Federation representing India in several events abroad. He’s been official doctor of Pakistan & West Indies cricket teams touring India.

Dr Tuli has been rewarded with various national and international accolades.

Address : “

SOHAM” The Clinic for Holistic MediCARE & CURE,  D – 961, New Friends Colony, Opposite Mata Ka Mandir
New Delhi – 110025, Delhi, India




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