Doctor’s Day Message by Dr. Veena Aggarwal

Dr. Veena Aggarwal


Ex director Research head VLLC Group

Technical Committee Member NABH QCI

Health Horizon (Arpana Trust)

Doctor’s day is observed to salute them for their spirit of dedication to mankind. The challenges that confront them today are far more formidable and wide ranging than those which were there a decade or two earlier. These are far more exacting and onerous in the field of” preventive” care, than just “Therapeutic”.

India is a land of “contrasts”, which is very evident in health care too. Here the nation is facing two extremes of malnutrition—the under nutrition and obesity. Interestingly they both many a times lead into similar health outcomes. Malnutrition in pregnant women with the outcome of low birth weight baby may lead to increased incidence of hypertension and diabetes in later life. Presently 30% babies born in India are low of birth weight, with the apprehension of facing such maladies.

We have about 60 million diabetics and larger no of pre diabetics, much larger no. of hypertensives and millions sufferings with Cancers. In our country people at much younger age are prone to such health problems for reason of genetics and environment both.

Immense loss of human productivity and healthcare budget are drained causing immense loss to our nation.

Emergence of lifestyle diseases is a major healthcare problem and needs a radical change in our outlook. We all need to put our minds and actions together – the media, Industry, Educational institutions,  govt. and the general public.

  • In schools, catch the children when they are young. SUPW (Socially useful productive work) classes should have inputs on lifestyle modifications through diet, exercise, activity patterns, self monitoring parameters etc.
  • At Community level RWA can have medical person as a office bearer who can be made responsible to organize “lifestyle” workshops at regular intervals.
  • Lifestyle modification should command equal attention as the drug uses with the patients .
  • Industries, besides keeping commercial outlook should pay attention towards national health. The foods should be low in salt and sugar, fortified with suitable micronutrients. The labeling should have clarity for the consumer.
  • Create Massive awareness programs about lifestyle diseases especially in rural and semi urban areas.
  • Scientific bodies have developed sufficient Educational materials based on research. Gap lies in its reaching and its understanding by general public we all can be of help there through our workshops. Let us promise today to do our best to control the menace of these lifestyle diseases and make India a healthier and stronger nation. Let human resource be an asset to the nation. Our deliverance of this responsibility shall help in establishing a strong bond in between the medical fraternity and the public at large. Their faith in visualizing you as next to “God” shall get reaffirmed.




Vinod Kumar

Health Journalist & writer. Editor of monthly health magazine "Health Spectrum."

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