4th Edition (October, 2016) of Health Spectrum


4th Edition (October, 2016) of Health Spectrum

List of Contents of October Edition of Health Spectrum

Cover Story :

Arthritis : Some Hard Facts
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery : Dr. Rahul Gupta
Health Issue
Rear Seat Belts Can Save Life? : Dr. Yuvraj Kumar & Dr. Rakesh Kumar
WHO releases country estimates on air pollution exposure and health impact
101-year-old woman back on her feet After Hip Replacement
Indian-origin scientist’s team create genetic tool to predict heart disease
Scrub Typhus cases in the Himachal Pradesh
Hookah is more harmful than cigarette
20 minutes of stretching raises healthy heart markers by 20% 13
Sleep : It puts even the most powerful men on
their back – Dr Prerna Motwani
Health Articles
Are You Scared of the Big, Bad Blue?
Alternative Medicine
Easy tips for the prevention of Chikungunya : Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal
Yoga for Healthy Bone, joints & Spine : Vartika
Child Care : Know your baby genes well 44
Stress can shatter your dreams of being a parent : Dr. Puneet Arora 42
How to be a Good Parent
Mental Care : Psychological First Aid : Vinod Kumar
Healthy Motherhood : Role of Ultrasonography in Pregnancy
Is your waist is putting you at risk of
Breast Cancer? : Dr. Rohan Khandelwal
Beaut y Care
Give Your Face a Lift
CORD BLOOD BANKING :Do we Indians really need it? : Dr Murtaza Kamal 20
SHOULDER PAIN :Dr.Ashwani Maichand

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