3rd Edition (September, 2016) of Health Spectrum


3rd Edition (September, 2016) of Health Spectrum 

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List of Contents of 3rd Edition (September, 2016) of Health Spectrum

Cover Story : Risks of Saving Lives
In The News
India continues to be Polio-Free
‘Solar for Healthcare’ Initiative
Discourse :
Better Half of a Breast Cancer
Health Issue
India Needs organised trauma systems
Health Articles
Traumatic Brain Injury
Spontaneous Brain Haemorrhage : Prevention and Cure
Migraine headaches
Hypertension : The Hidden Danger
Conjunctivitis: Most Common Eye Problem
Don’t ignore the snoring and its harmful effects
Case Report
Ballistic trauma : Retrieval of bullet from knee by Athroscopy
Alternative Medicine
Miracle story of Kamal Kaur
Yoga : A Novel Integrative Therapy How to Treat “SleepApnea” with Homoeopathy
Healthy Motherhood
Certain Myths Of Women
Health You Need To Know
Health Tips
Tips of Dr. Sunita Godara to Reduce stress
Q & A
Gamming Addiction
Triggers of Cancer
Weights Loss
Health Study
Contraceptive failure

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Health Journalist & writer. Editor of monthly health magazine "Health Spectrum."

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